A healthy holiday

This time of year, the challenge is always finding healthy versions of old favorites.  Sure, I can veganize the cookies, but it’s the candy that is always difficult -- I have never even attempted to make my own candy due to the fact that I am a complete neat freak and can’t handle stickiness -- yuck!

My daughter adores candy canes, but the ones you usually find in the stores contain all kinds of nasty colorings and tons of sugar.  I found a brand that costs a bit more but has a more acceptable ingredient list (shown below).  I also found sprinkles for the cookies, and lollipops and licorice for the stockings.



The lollipops taste amazing -- they aren’t what I would call healthy, but if you’re going to indulge, why not ensure that your candy at least isn’t going to kill you?  And I feel like a better mom if I have options and alternatives, instead of just saying, “no we don’t eat candy.”  I say no to my kids about so many other things (we don’t watch TV, we don’t eat fast food, etc.) so this way, I can feel better about saying yes.

It just goes to show that eating fun food doesn’t have to be off-limits for those of us who prefer not to eat numbers.  For more information on the dangers of food colorings, seethis article.  If that’s a bit too heavy for casual reading, here is another site.

And here is a scrumptuous shot of my sugar cookies!