But what if I don’t LIKE veggies?

Most of us like fruit.  What's not to like?  They're sweet and fragrant, and we can always just add some to our ice cream or oatmeal and we're all good.  But how do you add veggies to your life if you don't LIKE them??  Here is my 10-step program to become a veggie lover:

1. Educate yourself.  Learn about all the health benefits to eating veggies.  Sometimes that knowledge alone is enough to make a veggie lover out of a veggie hater.  For a brief listing, click here.

2. Familiarize yourself with all the different kinds of veggies out there.  Not all veggies are alike.  Not all veggies come in those bland white plastic baggies out of the freezer.  And not all veggies taste like brussels sprouts.  I would recommend going to a grocery store like Whole Foods and just looking around.

3. Sneak veggies into baked goods.  Spinach into homemade ice cream.  Zucchini into brownies.  Veggies love to crash a party and they don't mind being wallflowers.

4. Try more interesting salads.  Not every salad has to be iceberg lettuce with a pink tomato on top.  Experiment with dressings, herbs, seeds, palm hearts, olives, Daiya cheese, soy bacon bits, whatever sounds good to you.  Just keep veggies as the main ingredient.  Green peppers, celery, broccoli -- if you chop them small enough, they're less intimidating.

5. Drink your veggies.  Adding swiss chard or kale or spinach to a fruit smoothie will make it creamier and won't taste too strong.  Plus, you might not need that caffeinated energy drink later on.

6. Hold your nose.  There's something to be said for willpower.  Just force those veggies down and reward yourself with something you like better.  You might just find that after a few tries, you like those aspara-guys!

7. Eat more stews.  Soups and stews are an amazing way to get veggies into your body without having to chew so much.  True, it's way better to eat veggies raw, but I won't tell.

8. Take your veggies in capsule or gummy form My kids went from begging for cookies at Target to literally crying when we ran out of cucumbers.  Plus, it's an easy way to get those veggies into your daily routine without hardly noticing!

9. Hang out in healthy places.  You will not begin to crave veggies hanging out at the Village Inn or the local convenience store.  Just like an alcoholic would be wise to avoid bars, try to familiarize yourself with the health food stores, the farmers' markets, salad restaurants like Sweet Tomatoes.  Green things can start to grow on you, no pun intended.  🙂

10. Keep visiting EasyVeggies.com -- add your comments, ask your questions, and I will address them!

Good luck to you -- you will not regret it!!

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