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Product Review: The Kupp’

  I admit, when I first saw the concept for this cup (cleverly renamed "Kupp'"), I didn't get it.  I didn't realize there was a missing link between plastic and glass.  My youngest drinks out of a BPA-free plastic cup, and my two oldest drink out of glass cups, so I didn't think we had

Product Review: GinnyBakes

    I was given an opportunity to try GinnyBakes products and review them for my readers -- I had never heard of GinnyBakes, so I was eager to give them a taste.  We don't eat dairy butter in our family, so I nibbled on the cookies sparingly, but was delighted to see that the

Product Review: Good2Grow Juices

I was given the opportunity to try Good2Grow Juices and tell my wonderful readers my thoughts.  We aren't huge into juice, preferring water most of the time, but we are going on a road trip soon, and I was wanting a super fun way to stay hydrated in the middle of summer.   I found

How to Cook Veggies

When we first decided to go vegan, veggie dishes confused me.  I mean, there's salad, and, let's see...salad, and ummm...salad?  I was so used to plopping a roast in the crockpot and calling it a meal that I quickly became overwhelmed in the kitchen.  Here's a brief, and by now means comprehensive, introduction to cooking

Book Review: WHOLE, by T. Colin Campbell

For years, the medical establishment has seen the human body as a sum of its parts.  From this belief has come the practice of symptom management, rather than a pursuit of health. It's why we see individuals taking 10+ prescriptions but not truly feeling any healthier overall.  There is so much more to the human