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The C.A.R.E. Transition Plan

Not everyone can make huge lifestyle changes overnight and stick to them with perfect success.  For most of us, we need a slow transition.  I've developed a transition plan I like to call "CARE"*: C is for CHANGE You know you need to make a change.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, lower your cholesterol,

Et tu, Vitamin D?

With all the media coverage on the dangers of vitamins A, C, and E, it would appear that vitamin D supplements had escaped with an untarnished reputation.  But no more!  The research is out, and vitamin D has also been found lacking.  Here are just a few: French Tribune: "Vitamin D Supplements Unlikely to Reduce

Book Review: WHOLE, by T. Colin Campbell

For years, the medical establishment has seen the human body as a sum of its parts.  From this belief has come the practice of symptom management, rather than a pursuit of health. It's why we see individuals taking 10+ prescriptions but not truly feeling any healthier overall.  There is so much more to the human

When in doubt, eat!

Chances are, at one point or another in your life, you have been told to take a multivitamin.  And you may or may not have even questioned the reasoning behind it.  After all, your body needs vitamins, this fancy little bottle says it has them, case closed.  But I challenge you to dig a bit

Nothing compares to the real thing

You may have seen the article in this month's USA Today entitled, "Study: Multivitamins may lower cancer risk in men."  I, too, took interest in hearing what research led to that conclusion.  But, as I expected, the results were not as promising as the title suggested.  The author, Marilynn Marchione, writes, " government agency recommends