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Mid-Year Homeschool Reevaluation

We are approaching our 100th day of school, and, as I do every year, I am starting to get the itch to try something new!  I have to control myself, however; it's way too expensive to switch gears midstream.  But I have figured out what works and what doesn' least for now. I have three

New E-book: “Eating Healthy On A Budget”

For those of you who receive my monthly newsletter, you probably have already downloaded my newest eBook, "Eating Healthy On a Budget" -- for those of you who haven't, please visit my Facebook page and click on "Free Downloads."  It's the bright pink and yellow box in the top right corner. The eBook was inspired by one

A healthy holiday

This time of year, the challenge is always finding healthy versions of old favorites.  Sure, I can veganize the cookies, but it’s the candy that is always difficult -- I have never even attempted to make my own candy due to the fact that I am a complete neat freak and can’t handle stickiness --

Taking it to go

  Summertime is a great time to go on day trips -- the zoo, the theme park, the beach, etc.  The problem is knowing what you’ll eat while you’re out and about.  There are a great number of resources to help you find restaurants that serve vegan food at your destination -- Happy Cow is

Maple Snow Candy

We had quite a snow storm this week, so my oldest child was home from school for three days.  I made the kids soy cocoa with mint extract to warm them after every outdoor excursion.  But perhaps their favorite treat was a recipe from my grandmother’s day -- snow candy!  It’s simple and so unexpected,