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Bringing up vegans

  My 11-month old LOVES her veggies.  She loves fruit, too, but she goes gaga over her veggies.  And she has never met a veggie she didn’t like.  My first two children were raised on the Standard American Diet, so I can see very clearly the differences between the two diets. My 6-year old grew

Vegan in DisneyWorld

My family and I just returned from a week-long trip to Disney World and I am pleased to report that we were able to maintain our vegan lifestyle the entire time.  I had read many blogs about how to eat vegan while in Disney, and I felt rather prepared before I went.  Here is a

Meal planning

We decided to try a vegan meal plan just to get out of the rut we are currently in and to see what other vegans are eating.  There are an awful lot of meal plans out there, I found, but very few as comprehensive as the one we found on  I made a long list

Bento Lunches

When making the transition from Lunchables to healthy meals, it’s a good idea to make those fruits and veggies look just as fun and playful as the processed foods kids have grown accustomed to.  I love the whole bento lunch idea -- it’s basically the art of lunch.  And it is truly an art, with