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Product Review: The Kupp’

  I admit, when I first saw the concept for this cup (cleverly renamed "Kupp'"), I didn't get it.  I didn't realize there was a missing link between plastic and glass.  My youngest drinks out of a BPA-free plastic cup, and my two oldest drink out of glass cups, so I didn't think we had

New E-Book: “Making Your House Work…Easy”

For those of you who have signed up to receive my monthly e-newsletter, you should already have received a link to my new e-book, "Making Your House Work...Easy."  I wrote it out of my passion for organizing and a bit of OCD on the side.  However, even while writing it, I was aware that I have

Get organized to eat healthy

We're almost at the end of January -- how are you doing with your resolutions?  If you resolved to eat healthier this year, what steps have you taken?  For me, the first step to any goal is to get organized.  Eating a vegan diet cannot easily be done by the seat of your pants; you

Microwave Challenge

We decided to take the plunge and see how long we can go without a microwave.  We went as far as to put it down in the basement so we wouldn’t be tempted to use it.  We bought a convection toaster oven, and are finding so many uses for it, it’s rather exciting. Now, why

Skin is an organ, too

In the quest for healthy living, many of us tend to overlook our largest organ: our skin.  It’s true that beauty starts from within, so if you have noticed an improvement in your skin since changing your diet, you may find less of a need for beauty products in general.  But for those of us