Eating a rainbow

I was at a wonderful health talk last night sponsored by JuicePlus+ and I was reminded of the importance of eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies at every meal.  I’ve heard a lot of parents claim that their kids “eat their veggies” but those veggies are generally the same three choices: broccoli, carrots and peas.  When I was growing up, my mom had us try okra, asparagus, all kinds of squashes, beets, radishes, etc.  Our motto was “no veggie left untried.”  And how pretty is that kabob in the picture?  I could just eat it raw!

I read a children’s book the other day about a rabbit child that wouldn’t eat his veggies.  One night for dinner they served bunny potatoes or something where the ears were carrots and peas were the nose or something -- I can’t quite remember; all I remember was thinking “how FUN is that???”  Who says veggies have to be relegated to the outskirts of the plate as a neglected side dish?  If they look fun, they’re way easier to gulp down.

Another way to get your kids to eat their veggies is to educate them on what each veggie is doing to their body.  There is much research done on the connection between the color of the veggie and the benefit to the body:


(Image taken from )

On the contrary, white foods such as potatoes, white rice, white bread, white crackers, white pasta, etc. do little to promote health and actually cause harm to the body.  So make every meal a Wizard of Oz experience (get it, over the rainbow?) and eat up to good health!