Get organized to eat healthy

We're almost at the end of January -- how are you doing with your resolutions?  If you resolved to eat healthier this year, what steps have you taken?  For me, the first step to any goal is to get organized.  Eating a vegan diet cannot easily be done by the seat of your pants; you must have some kind of system to help ensure your success.  Here are some tips:

  1. Plan a menu.  Pick at least 14 meals that your family enjoys that can be made easily.  I have great plans to post some menus, but until I get my act together (hey, I'm not THAT organized), you can Google "vegan recipes" and find a plethora of results.  Pick one meal a week that serves as a "clean out the fridge" recipe; for example, soups or veggie casseroles or stews are perfect to use up every last bit of veggie goodness.
  2. Make a shopping list.  With a rotating menu, it's easier to plan for your shopping trips.  It also allows you to stock up when there's a good deal (and vegan foods have longer shelf-lifes than dairy and meat products), and it also allows you to be flexible with the menu enough to buy produce when it's on sale; for example, if you have planned polenta lasagna for the following week but fresh spinach is on sale this week, just move that meal to this week to enjoy the savings.
  3. Chop once, eat twice.  I shop at Costco, so I like to come home and chop my carrots, slice my onions, peel my garlic, etc. so that when I have to cook in a hurry, I have already done most of the work.
  4. Plan two days a month to entertain.  Rather than catching you off guard, be prepared to have the family or a group of friends over for dinner.  That way, you can show your loved ones how delicious and easy it is to eat healthy!

***If you need help getting organized this year, I highly recommend Motivated Moms -- I bought the half page printed version and my house has never been cleaner!  I wake up with a smile every morning because I feel like I must have maid service, it's that clean!  Check it out -- it's also available as an app!

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