Homemade Baby Food

My youngest child is almost 8 months old, and I am in the process of making all her baby food.  At first it seemed rather daunting, but now that I have the hang of it, it’s really a lot simpler than jarred food, if you can believe it.

(There are many books on the market to walk you through making your own baby food, but really it’s quite simple!  Click here for a helpful article on how to get started.)

You really only need to prepare the food every four days in the beginning -- that’s the length of time doctors recommend to introduce a new food.  I use pre-prepared cereal just because I wanted to cut back on some of the prep time, but I’ve found that using the right tools can also save a lot of time when preparing fruits and veggies.
I use the KidCo food mill and Baby Cubes -- I get the 2 oz just so they can grow with my baby, so to speak.  And I highly recommend Happy Bellies cereals -- they have probiotics in them so baby doesn’t get as gassy and constipated.


You’ll want to make sure you start with all organic produce -- it sounds expensive, but one organic pear can feed baby for four days (at one meal a day).  And it’s actually much cheaper than buying two to four jars of baby food.  The Baby Cubes travel well, so you aren’t sacrificing too much convenience, either.  And most of all, it’s a great feeling to know that your child is eating actual food.  My oldest never liked fresh peas since she had grown so accustomed to the jarred peas -- they do taste different, so why not start them on the real stuff?