Homemade coffee creamer

After reading what all is in my vegan coconut creamer (eek stuff I can't pronounce), I decided to make my own!  I took one cup of almonds and put them in my Vitamix with 3 cups of water.  I blended them to liquid and then strained it with cheesecloth.  Then I added some vanilla and some agave nectar, to taste.  This made about a quart of creamer, give or take.  The proof is in the taste, and I have to say it is the creamiest non-dairy creamer I've ever tried; plus it doesn't have a weird aftertaste.

I've been making my own almond milk, too, which is the same recipe as above but maybe a bit more water.  What I like about making my own non-dairy products is that I can flavor them any way I choose.  I make my own soy yogurt using WestSoy soy milk (two ingredients!) and a vegan yogurt starter.  I use a yogurt maker, so it takes the confusion out of the whole process.  Then I add some jam, or serve plain for Persian dishes.  It's amazing, and I'm not even particularly fond of yogurt. It also makes me feel like I can control how many chemicals and fillers I eat -- I know every ingredient in what I make and I know where it comes from.  It's empowering...and delicious!

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  1. Ladybug97 says:

    Oh I always knew you were smart!! 🙂

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