How to Cook Veggies

When we first decided to go vegan, veggie dishes confused me.  I mean, there's salad, and, let's see...salad, and ummm...salad?  I was so used to plopping a roast in the crockpot and calling it a meal that I quickly became overwhelmed in the kitchen.  Here's a brief, and by now means comprehensive, introduction to cooking veggies.

  1. Boil -- Boiled veggies (and I'm including steamed in here to keep with the "b" theme) are simple and delicious.  Add some seasoning like dill or parsley or mint, and you've got yourself a perfect side.
  2. Broil -- You can also bake veggies until crispy or broil them -- kale, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, asparagus, and others do very nicely prepared this way.
  3. Bake -- There are many veggie casserole dishes as well -- with or without pasta -- polenta lasagna, barley bake, brown rice and broccoli, the list is almost endless.  Simply put the veggies you like in a casserole dish, add some kind of sauce (marinara, cheeze, or use your imagination), and bake at 350 degrees for about 30-45 minutes.
  4. BBQ -- Perfect for summer cookouts -- use a veggie grill tray if the veggies are small or fragile.
  5. Blend -- Now I know you're thinking smoothies, but there's also cauliflower "rice," eggplant dips, salsas, and soups.  Easy to prepare, and kids love them because they're easier to chew.
  6. Bare -- Just plain veggies.  Here's where the salads and the veggie trays come in.  But be creative!  You can make veggie art, get creative with dips, use a spiral slicer to make spaghetti from squash or a mandolin slicer to create perfect veggie stacks.

    Veggies: not just salads anymore!

Once you have these categories in your mind, it becomes easier to create your own veggie dishes.  And I encourage you to try new veggies to bring variety into your menu.

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  1. Ladybug97 says:

    Wow, your salad you have there is so pretty! <3 😀

  2. […] Not knowing how to prepare veggies the right way. There are countless sites and cookbooks dedicated to healthy real food dishes that can be easily prepared.  It can seem intimidating at first, and you will probably make some nasty meals along the way, but if you can find about 14 favorites you can rotate them and not get bored.  If you’re concerned about how much time it takes to prepare a meal from scratch, make double and freeze.  Planning ahead can be a huge lifesaver.  For a great primer on how to cook veggies, click here. […]

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