Introducing our new Healthy Eating Plan!

Everyone wants to be healthier, but let's be honest, it seems so intimidating!  Everywhere you go, health fanatics are posting elaborate pictures on Instagram and using what appears to be a whole new language to describe their eating habits. But they seem so vibrant, so positive, so...healthy!  How does one get from here to there?  By overcoming the three main challenges to living a healthier life: 1. Making it affordable. 2. Making it convenient. and 3. Making it delicious!

Introducing HELP: Healthy Eating (Lifestyle) Plan!  You can follow the steps in their entirety, or pick and choose which parts make sense for you.

1. Sign up for eMeals -- you can pick whichever meal plan works for you (Paleo, vegetarian, low carb, etc. -- at this point, we won't go into which diet is the healthiest, just pick any for now; you can change it at any time).  You can sign up for a free trial to see how you like it.  Plans are reasonably priced.  eMeals will provide you with a shopping list and a meal plan, and there's an app as well!

2. Do your grocery shopping on  Maybe you didn't realize that you can have all your groceries shipped to the store ($50 and over) for no extra fee!

3. Here's where we come in.  Every week we will provide you with the following:

  • a featured recipe, cooked by our Kitchen Cutie, USA, LLC
  • a featured deal, discovered by our Deal Diva, Carrie
  • a featured "better for you" option found at Walmart by me, Emily
  • Just "like" EasyVeggies to be notified of these goodies!

To recap: meal plans, shopping lists, easy pick up of your groceries, savings, and healthier options all delivered to you weekly!  You simply can't go wrong!  We will show you how it's not only possible, it's EASY to eat healthy while enjoying discounted prices such as Walmart is famous for, enjoying meals that are Instagram worthy (yes, it's your turn to make your friends drool), and move your health to a new level by learning how to look for healthier versions of foods you are already eating!

So what are you waiting for?  Get started today!


2 Responses to Introducing our new Healthy Eating Plan!

  1. Shari Starkey says:

    Hey great ideas! I just love your ideas and your business. Love the emeals. I actually hate going into Wal-Mart with a passion. I have an on line shopping account with them that I use occasionally. I started shopping last night for the items on the menu I need for the week, then finished this morning. I placed my order and received FREE same day delivery this evening.

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