Microwave Challenge

We decided to take the plunge and see how long we can go without a microwave.  We went as far as to put it down in the basement so we wouldn’t be tempted to use it.  We bought a convection toaster oven, and are finding so many uses for it, it’s rather exciting.

Now, why would we take such measures to avoid microwave cooking?  No matter what you believe about the dangers of this appliance (and there are plenty of arguments on either side), it comes down to the simple fact: that just ain’t natural.  And when you use a microwave, you tend to do all the nasty habits that go with it: reheating in plastic, buying TV dinners, rice-in-a-bag and cup-o-noodles or what have you.

I have these yummy sunflower burgers I really love, and I just got used to trimming off the dried out edges after a few seconds too long in the microwave.  So today, I tried them in the toaster oven and they came out amazing!  So I’m sold.  I have an electric kettle for water, a stovetop for reheating most foods, and now my convection toaster oven for toast, tempeh, fries (they come out crispy after only 20 minutes and take a lot less energy), veggie burgers, you name it.

Here are some articles -- read them and decide for yourself (and yes, all the titles are similar):
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UPDATE (9/04/09): We are still sans microwave and still enjoying it!  The only real change we’ve noticed is that we have to read labels carefully.  I bought several boxed sandwiches that were on sale and when I got home, learned they could not be cooked in a toaster oven.  I learned my lesson!