My raw experiment

I have been so fed up lately with carrying my extra 30 lbs of baby fat.  Come on, my baby is 15 months old!  So I am going back on the vegan raw diet for a while -- I enjoyed such great results last time that I’m finally ready to try it again.  The first day, I lost two pounds.  The second day, another one.  Day four, two more.  Day five, two more.  So I’m down seven pounds in five days!  And I feel really great!

Here’s something that might help you -- those of us who sit down to a decadent meal enjoy it for the ten minutes it takes to eat it.  But we pay for it afterwards.  I’ve accepted that if I can endure ten minutes of struggling to overcome temptation in exchange for a lifetime of benefits, it’s very worth it!  And I haven’t even been tempted all that much.  I made it through Persian food night, spaghetti night, and french toast Saturday without feeling deprived!  The key it to be prepared and make a conscious decision to not fall off the wagon.  I am filling up on just a little bit of food and I’m not hungry between meals.  It’s very freeing and I feel much lighter!

If anyone else wants to take the challenge, I’m here with you -- I’ll be posting my results and pictures of my meals.

Today for lunch I had broccoli and butternut squash marinated in coconut and flax oil topped with herbs and pine nut cheese.  It was delicious!!!




Pictured above: raw squash and pesto caterpillar -- just as yummy as it is cute!