Natural cholesterol management

Very few doctors inform their patients of the alternatives to statin drugs for lowering cholesterol.  And with all the evidence coming to light of the dangers of statin drugs, it is a good to know there is another option.

Eating whole grain foods rather than processed flours can help -- and that doesn’t mean those sugary cereals that boast “whole grain” since that’s generally not entirely accurate. Sprouted grain breads and cereals are high in fiber and retain more nutrients since many are baked at low heat and do not contain sugar.

Also, eliminating sugars and foods with a high glycemic index can normalize your insulin levels, a key component to cholesterol management.

Eat plenty of nuts and seeds that contain Omega 3s, preferably in raw form, to combat unnatural cholesterol levels in the liver.

Avoid meat and dairy since that is the only way to get dietary cholesterol.  Vegans have roughly 35% lower blood cholesterol levels than omnivores.

Get plenty of exercise to improve your circulation and boost your immune system.

(Work with your doctor towards a compromise -- some doctors are willing to let you try natural management for six months or so before prescribing a statin drug.)