“Natural” flavors?

They hide in the ingredient list of even the most natural of foods.  Your eye is accustomed to scanning for "hydrogenated" and "yellow #5" and even "torula yeast," so you probably overlook this little coward.  They're called "natural flavors."  But are they really natural?  (That depends.  Do you consider animal glands natural?)  And why are they even there?  For starters, they create a taste explosion in your mouth and then dull quickly to encourage a second bite...and then a third...you get the idea.

But perhaps the biggest question is what are they doing to us?  They create addiction.  Here's an example from my personal experience:  I used to have a serious Hot Tamale addiction.  That spicy cinnamon deliciousness filled my mouth with delight...and then left me with a taste similar to post-barfing.  So I had to have another and another and another just to get that initial POW back.  Ten pound bag empty, tummy aching, I was foraging for strays that may have fallen between the couch cushions.  Now I know why.

So could you inability to lose weight be linked to these benign sounding culprits?  Watch this 60 Minutes episode and learn more about natural flavors and decide for yourself.  You might want to check your pantry.  You won't even need an arrest warrant to send these villains packing; just a trash can.

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