New E-Book: “Making Your House Work…Easy”

For those of you who have signed up to receive my monthly e-newsletter, you should already have received a link to my new e-book, "Making Your House Work...Easy."  I wrote it out of my passion for organizing and a bit of OCD on the side.  However, even while writing it, I was aware that I have not decluttered completely in the entire seven years I've lived in this house.  So I put my book to the test!

I started in the kitchen, and organized my pantry.  This job took about 2 hours, but I can now happily report that I know everything that I have on hand so I no longer "panic buy" at Costco.

IMG_9103.jpg   IMG_9108.jpg

On the heels of that total high, I moved on to my 5 year old daughter's room:

IMG_9172.jpg   IMG_9178.jpg   IMG_9179.jpg

Yes, it did look like that before I cleaned it.  She helped me quite a bit, but she had so many little itty bitty things it took about six hours!  I eventually finished the entire house, sans the basement.  That was last, and it took the longest.  We had organized it before, but always into piles, which easily grow!  So we made a crude play area for the kids, and filled two large shelves with the rest of the items we plan to keep.  The garage is now FULL and ready for an ARC pickup this weekend!

IMG_9295.jpg   IMG_9305.JPG   IMG_9346.JPG


So, if this book can help even a veteran declutterer, it can certainly help you if you're struggling to know where to start.  It does get easier as you go along, and soon it becomes second nature.  As a reward, we went out and bought a new entry table and hung some of the artwork we had been stashing in our closet for a rainy day.  The house looks totally new and ready for a new year of homeschooling, which we started today! More on that later!  If you would like to purchase my e-book, it is $1.99, and you can download it here.


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