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Product Review: Harvestland

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Guest Blogger: My 11-year old daughter, Leila

Tips for the kid of a health nut (no offense to my mother) Being the kid of a health nut can have its downsides. All you can hear from them is “No you can’t eat that. It's GMO,” or “Yeah, go ahead and eat that and GET SICK. So... NO you can't eat that.” Yes,

Introducing our new Healthy Eating Plan!

Everyone wants to be healthier, but let's be honest, it seems so intimidating!  Everywhere you go, health fanatics are posting elaborate pictures on Instagram and using what appears to be a whole new language to describe their eating habits. But they seem so vibrant, so positive, so...healthy!  How does one get from here to there?  By

Product Review: Dave’s Killer Bread

  I first encountered Dave's Killer Bread at a Costco in Washington state.  I had been buying refrigerated sprouted bread and spending a fortune on it, so I was looking for a healthy bread that wasn't going to cost an arm and a leg.  It's lately come to my local Costco, and I can't be

Product Review: Frontier Soups

I was so excited to be chosen to review Frontier Soups!  I'm always looking for a soup that does not contain MSG, and it's super difficult! I love supporting companies that strive to make delicious food without all the added chemicals and flavors, and they have done a marvelous job! The first soup I made