Processed foods as dangerous as crack?

Earlier this month, the Denver Post published an article entitled, "Processed foods may act just like drugs" (by Robert Langreth and Duane D. Stanford).  A study was done with rats in which rats were fed a variety of what we would call "comfort foods," and as a result they started binge eating -- the rats that had access to these processed foods for 18-23 hours a day became obese.  In other words, the processed foods created an addiction similar to that of a narcotic.

No wonder it's so hard for us to eat right!  Foods that are dangerously unhealthy for us are literally addictive!  All the more reason to eat with intention.  If you follow your taste buds, they WILL lead you astray.  And it would be wise to approach your new healthy lifestyle as "being in the program" and avoid temptation -- it does fade over time for most things, but I still have to be very careful with sugar.  I annually go cold Tofurky on sugar and it somehow sneaks its way back into my diet.  And now I know why!

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