Healthy Weight Loss

It's almost time for making New Year's Resolutions, and the most common is, of course, weight loss.  Especially after all those Christmas cookies and figgy pudding.  But there are many misconceptions floating around about the "best" way to lose weight.  After all, the goal shouldn't just be a reduction in pounds; it should be health, vitality, strength, and energy, right?

  1. Miracle drinks, powders, and pills.  Simply popping a pill or downing the juice of some fruit that sounds like it came from a Dr. Seuss book is not enough to cause your body to change long term.  You may lose some water weight, or you may be spending a lot of time in the bathroom, but these "quick fixes" don't really fix anything.
  2. Sweat belts, wraps, and girdles.  Again, most of what you will lose is water weight.  And girdles may assist with posture or post-partum abdominal separation, but they are not effective in shaping your body in the long run.
  3. Low calorie diets.  Diet is, after all, "die" with a "t."  Starving your body will have the opposite effect once you start eating normally again.  It's a great way to gain weight, actually!
  4. Low carb diets.  It's fine to eliminate or reduce processed carbs, but your body needs the good carbs from fruits and veggies, so don't strain the baby out with the bathwater!  Diets too high in protein have been linked to cancer and kidney failure, as well.
  5. Any diet without exercise.  Even the healthiest of diets need to be combined with exercise:Weights
  • Exercise strengthens the heart.
  • Exercise improves balance.
  • Exercise activates your body's natural ability to heal -- to hear the full explanation of how this works, I recommend attending a PrimeTime health workshop.
  • Exercise builds strong muscles.
  • Exercise improves lung function.
  • Exercise combats depression and other mood disorders.

The easiest way to start a clean eating diet is to eliminate processed foods.  Choose foods that contain five ingredients or less, and eat organic when possible.  And get moving!  Circuit training that combines weight training with cardio intervals has been the most effective for me.

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Complete Transformation

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