Vegans on the go

Ah, the age-old dilemma -- to buy prepackaged, brightly-colored snack foods or risk a mushy banana in the bottom of the diaper bag?  Should healthy snacking really be THIS difficult??  As the mother of a first grader and two little ones at home, I know the challenges of trying to feed kids on the go.  Hey, I know the challenges of trying to feed MYSELF on the go!  So here is what worked for me:

For babies and toddlers, there is an amazing new product from Happy Baby for those times that it is not convenient to break out the spoon and baby food jar:


They are available for babies and tots alike, are virtually mess-free (no bib required!) and contain no dairy or gluten, no added sugar, no soy or wheat -- BPA free packaging, too! They also have snacks that melt in a baby’s mouth, packaged in Method-style containers.

For kids’ lunches (for those “oops I forgot to pack their lunches” moments), check for their GoDelight and SafariMunch “Lunchable-style” meals -- SafariMunch comes with a prize inside -- each is self-contained complete with a hand wipe, and their lunches are often on sale!

For keeping on hand or in a diaper bag or purse, check out Fruit Roll Ups Simply Fruit,BoraBora bars, or Kirkland Disney Animal Crackers (all available at Costco club warehouses).

For a more adult hunger, prepare a baggie of nuts and raisins, carrot sticks and celery, mashed dates rolled in coconut (to minimize the sticky hand syndrome), or crackers with a packet of peanut butter (available in most health food stores).

It’s always easier to avoid the in between meals hunger if you are prepared.  And on the go snacking can be fun as well as mess-free.  For new vegans, it’s even more important to keep snacking as your body adjusts to smaller meal sizes.  Over time, you may notice that an apple alone will fill you up for lunch or that a salad will go much farther than it used to.  I used to nibble around the clock, but now I have found that I am simply not hungry as often.