When Discouragement Strikes…

It's almost two weeks into your New Year's Resolution...do you know where your motivation is?  I even saw a commercial suggesting that if your resolution is too difficult, you should choose a more manageable one instead.  So it would appear that lack of "sticktuitiveness" is a common problem.  When you start to feel the passion wane, here are some helpful tips to regain that fire:

  1. Remember why you resolved it in the first place.  If you chose something just because it sounded good, or your best friend was doing it, or you read it in a blog, you will lose your determination quickly.  Your goals should come from your heart, not from Pinterest.  The best goals have motivations behind them that are rooted in some kind of relationship -- for example: to quit smoking so that you can go running with your daughter, or to give up video games to spend more time with your siblings.  When you remember the WHY, you are more excited about the WHAT.  And even the HOW.  🙂
  2. Mix it up a bit.  If you resolved to exercise daily in 2014, but are getting sick of the treadmill, change it up!  Get a new workout DVD, try a heavier set of weights, or go shopping for cute workout attire.  Change is good, especially when it keeps you on track to reach your goals.
  3. Reward yourself.  Now I don't mean, go off the wagon and splurge on the very thing you're trying to quit.  I mean, reward yourself with something that won't set you back to square one.  A new pair of jeans to celebrate the pounds lost, a day at the spa, or a day out with friends, can all be wonderful incentives to keep you going!
  4. Find an accountability partner.  If you are the only member of your family giving up coffee, you will struggle whenever someone pours a cup and you have to refuse.  So find a friend to commit to the same or similar resolution, and share wows and wins, temptations and tricks to overcome them.  Sometimes all it takes is a listening, understanding ear to revive those passions and get back to work!

I started my resolution before Thanksgiving in 2013.  I wanted to be well into the habit by the time New Year's came around.  So it's day 47 and I'm still going strong, mainly because I have followed the above steps.  My resolution is to get fit and lean (I'm not setting a weight goal because it's more than just losing weight to me).  My why?  To go into the second half of my life with balance, strength, health, and energy.  I do a rotation of exercise videos so I never get bored.  I reward myself by allowing myself to look in the mirror and admire my progress, instead of just sigh and walk away!  And my partners are my daughters, who work out with me, and for whom I am modeling healthy habits.

Care to share your resolution?  I'd love to hear it!

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