Where are all the posts?

Yes, I know, I have no excuse!  But I still have not migrated all the content from the old site.  Not yet.  Mainly because it's such a huge task and my laundry screams louder than my computer.  But it will be finished, and all the old recipes and articles will be moved over.

In the meantime, here is a link to my guest blog post on LiveWellColorado.  I do guest blogging for their amazing site, and for Dr. Sears Wellness Institute as well, from where I received my health coach certification.  And speaking of, I just completed my certification for online health workshops!  So if you would prefer to attend an online workshop from the comfort of your own home, I will soon be allowing you to purchase those online.    I am so excited about these workshops -- the LEAN Start Workshop (for families with small children), and the Prime Time Workshop (for adults age 30+).  The workshops are interactive and do give you homework as well, so get ready to learn and make positive life changes!!  Please email me if you have questions!

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